Mission Statement
by Dennis Marcellino

There are certain laws of nature that we can’t change but can only learn to read correctly and flow with for a fulfilling life. These truths and laws boil down to very easy to understand principles of how our mind, body, heart and soul are designed to operate. The main purpose of Ultimate Truths is to pass on these truths about the greatness and beauty that life has to offer (as well as the meaning of life itself) and how to live life with great meaning and purpose.

Although I've been deeply and wholeheartedly involved in 22 different approaches to lifestyle and personal growth over the last 35 years, my approach now (and has been for many years) is to limit myself to only that which is:
(1) scientifically provable,
(2) logically flawless, and
(3) personally observable as reality.

And all of this is within an approach of continually turning over every stone that is possible to be turned by a human being.

How I view the main value and service of my work

People generally view life and the world as a single thing: existence. And they rarely question it, as they are mainly moved through it in a reactive way...like a pinball...absorbing opinions, facts, and ways of life from others. This unquestioned reactiveness includes how they relate to what goes on in their “inner space”, which includes their feelings. There is not a lot of reflection on what goes on there, just mostly trying to express it, fulfill it, and live it out as it comes through and pushes on them.

At one point, I realized that, although this might seem like the easiest way to live, this is not the optimum way to live. Unless love, beauty, harmony and a lack of negative experiences is produced, we can’t say that we are living the optimum way. So I set out to find out what that way was, and also what the truth was about this existence...that we just find ourselves in...in human bodies... with sensitive hearts...on a relatively tiny spinning ball in the midst of an unfathomably large universe...that we neither chose to come to...nor will we be able to stop our departure from.

I found all of that to be extremely fascinating. I also found it urgently important to find that truth and optimum way to live because my continuing to follow the popular and experimental ways of the world kept leading me into times of suffering, which I did not enjoy (and that is putting it mildly).

That fascination and urgency led me into investigating who in this world might know the answers to what I was looking for. I found bits and pieces here and there, but I didn’t find any one place that made getting this knowledge easy (something that I hope I’ve accomplished with Why Are We Here?). I was ultimately left to find the answers on my own, through my trained-as-an-engineer ability to analyze, through carefully investigating my inner space, and through being led by a deep, knowing place in my heart (which we all have, and which I call “the truth meter”).

That investigation led me into scrutinously looking at and analyzing both the complex “soups” of outer space (i.e. the space outside of us) and inner space to a very high degree...in fact to as high a degree as I’ve seen anyone go. After 35 years of studying and living out 22 different philosophies of life, I’ve come to a very clear understanding of life and so I want to pass on what I’ve come to see and understand. (“It is good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder. And then it is well to give what you have found, a gift into the world for whoever will accept it.” Jonathan Livingston Seagull).

Now I’m striving to pass on this knowledge, understanding and wisdom that I’ve acquired in the simplest possible terms, visions and concepts, because I know that these answers would give others more peace, fulfillment, control and harmony with life just as they have me. They would also give them an understanding of the greatness and awesomeness of life (and the role that dysfunction plays within it).

This is important information to get out (in the proximate sense) because people are more and more being coerced through misinformation and peer pressure into dysfunctional behavior (e.g. divorce, the behaviors that lead to divorce, the sexual ethics that are leading to diseases, broken hearts, broken families, etc.). Those then create tension and unpleasant emotions that leave people vulnerable to ways of seeking release from them (e.g. addictions, suicide, a predisposition for violent media and lust). These then lead to further tension, etc., etc. A vicious cycle. That dysfunctional approach is causing a lot of suffering for many people, their relationships, and the society as a whole. Therefore an understanding of how things are designed to operate is very important (which I show, based on my backgrounds in engineering, psychology, and spirituality).

Although a lot of what I say is also presented in religion, the value of my way of explaining these things is that I put them in terms of logic, science and objective, absolute facts...not esoteric religious terms, which people are either left to believe or reject. THE truths about life are singular, absolute, and therefore not refutable. This society has been traveling down the wrong track for a while and so I hope to influence it getting on the right track.

Also important and fascinating here is the ultimate perspective. That is, what happens after this life, and what did our temporary stay on this planet mean (if anything)? In my work I also prove the important answers to those questions.

I explain science, but not in science-speak...making it more accessible to people (“Creativity is making the complicated simple.” Charles Mingus). I also have created a new way to view life that is the most simple, accurate, deep and complete way to date (with the exception of the Bible). It is built on those who have gone before me, and is grounded in the truth. Therefore I think that I’ve developed the most advanced philosophy ever. I hesitate to say that because it might sound egotistical... but I feel that I can objectively make this statement because I have absolutely no interest in personal glory... only to get this information out to try to help the personal and social conditions of today.